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Renewal Programs for Gwang Suk Presbyterian Church

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신국 김

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Shin Kook Kim

Publication Date 발행일


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The intent of this paper is to focus on suggestions and application of ministry program for church renewal. It is difficult to say how a church can experience renewal. But we must be constantly asking that question since we are gripped by stagnancy in our field and continuously reexamine the nature of the activities of the church. To accomplish this task, it is necessary to understand the notion of church renewal before anything else. This paper provides a biblical and theological rationale for church renewal, including an analysis of ministry situation in a pluralistic, multi-cultural context. The main idea that is to be forwarded by this paper is not a concept of "being", but "becoming," in terms of theological thinking, biblical interpretation, and situational analysis of the church. If the Bible gives us room to interpret its meaning in context of social situation, perhaps the same understanding is necessary for church renewal I have chosen. Kwang Suk Presbyterian Church located in Soul, Korea, to apply theological principles and paradigms of the church renewal.

This paper is divided into six sections. The first section provides a biblical rationale for church and community renewal. The Old Testament, does not provide a specific term for “church” in the New Testamental sense. I have come to believe that the concept of elected people in OT be compared with the church of the NT. The concept of elected people in OT have become foundational to my study.

The second section provides a rationale for the Reformation following the heritage of Luther, Calvin and Zwingli in terms church renewal.

The third section sets forth a paradigm for church renewal, including specific goals and suggestions which are measurable and consistent with the biblical, and reformed theological principles outlined in sections one and two.

The fourth section provides an analysis of ministry situation at Kwang Suk Presbyterian Church, including its history, regional and social characteristics.

The fifth section provides a ministry program for church renewal, including specific suggestions applicable toward worship, education, mission and social service programs.

The sixth section provides a practical guideline for ministry design in light of church renewal. This will include an evaluation of renewal ministry program which was suggested and applied at Kwang Suk Presbyterian Church.

In conclusion, the church is also not closed system, but open one. Thus, it has to be understood in terms of its progressive nature, not as an absolute reality.

Theological Mentor: Jeong Kii Min, Ph. D.

Seyoon Kim, Ph. D.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Korean (한국어)

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김신국, "교회갱신을 위한 목회프로그램의 제시와 적용." 박사학위논문, 풀러신학대학원, 1999.