Title (Korean) 제목 (한글)

Divorce Counseling in a Private Christian Center

Title (English) 제목 (영문)

Divorce Counseling in a Private Christian Center

Author (Korean) 저자 (한글)

동광 라

Author (English) 저자 (영문)

Dong-Kwang Ra

Publication Date 발행일


Degree Name 학위명

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

First Advisor (Korean) 지도 교수 (한글)


Date Uploaded 제출일


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English (영어)

Comments 기타사항

Divorce is increasing year by year in Korea. In contrast, it is difficult to find studies of divorce. The purpose of this thesis is to suggest a role for the Christian counsellor in addressing the problems of divorce, so that a vital function of the church in society can be fulfilled.

Cardinal knowledge regarding divorce is required for a counsellor. At the same time he must not exclude the basic instruction which the Bible gives. With these subjects established as a foundation, a counsellor can help people thinking of divorce and those suffering from the after-effects of divorce.

In counselling before divorce, a counsellor should set up counselling for the purpose of the recovery of the marriage relationship. However, in the case that divorce becomes inevitable, divorce may be the best choice, particularly for those who truly want divorce. For them, independence counselling is necessary, as they need to minimise the hurt caused by divorce, to bury the past to form new relationships, and confront their troubles.

It is a role of Christian counsellor to develop group programmes that are very helpful for the divorced scattered in society so that they can have divorce adjustments as soon as possible.

Recommended Citation

라동광, "Divorce Counseling in a Private Christian Center." 박사학위논문, 풀러신학대학원, 1998.