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Church Growth Strategies through House Church Ministry 'Ecclesiola in Ecclesia': with a Special Reference to Yack Soo Dong Church

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승로 박

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PARK, Seung Ro

Publication Date 발행일


Abstract 초록

During the 100-year history of the Korean Church, it has witnessed a remarkable growth. With continued increase in believers, the church building and meetings have become very large. However, in recent years this growth has slowed down. The reason for the slowness can be attributed to the fact that as the churches became larger, the strengths of small groups have been weakened. Especially neglected areas are fellowship and training among believers who can serve. As the cell groups have strictly focused on its own districts, they have become conventional and non-effective they have lost the capacity to restore the strengths of small groups. As a result, in order for the church to be effective and continue its growth, it requires a new system and standards for the small groups.

The aim of this dissertation is to deal with these issues which have gradually led the cell group to become conventional and non-effective, and come up with a new ministry strategy for the Korean Church today. It will focus on restoring the positive qualities of the small groups, so that it can act as living cells in the church, thereby transforming the conventional system of cell groups into a more effective House Churches. This will be done with special reference to the Yack Soo Dong Church in Korea.

The first chapter of this dissertation is an introduction to the necessity of the House Church. The second chapter deals with Biblical evidence for the House Church. The third chapter treats John Wesleys The Church in church and historical foundation of the Chinese house churches. The fourth chapter illuminates the House Church from the Church Growth perspective based on McGavrans church growth theory. The fifth chapter offers three churches that have successfully modeled the House Church they are Seoul Baptist Church in Houston, Bethel Korean Church in Irvine, and Mok San Baptist Church in Korea. The sixth and final chapter focuses on the ministry strategy for the Yack Soo Dong Church in Korea based on the House Church theory.

Theological Mentors: Timothy Kiho Park, Ph. D.

Seyoon Kim, Ph. D.

Degree Name 학위명

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

First Advisor (Korean) 지도 교수 (한글)


First Advisor (English) 지도 교수 (영문)

PARK, Timothy K.

Date Uploaded 제출일


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Korean (한국어)

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Text in Korean with an abstract in English. Material is subject to copyright.

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박승로, "'교회안의 작은 교회’로서의 가정교회를 통한 교회성장전략 연구: 약수동교회를 중심으로." 박사학위논문, 풀러신학대학원, 1999.