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The Relationship Between Audience and Sermon in Somang Presbyterian Church From 1990 to 1996

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은만 신

Author (English) 저자 (영문)

Eun Man Shin

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An Analytical Study of the Relationship between Congregation and Sermon : With Special Reference to the Somang Presbyterian Church from 1990 to 1996.

This is a study on Rev. Sunhee Kwak's Sermon and his congregation. First of all, the biblical texts and themes of his sermons were analyzed. The content analysis of this study showed the order of frequency from the Psalms, Genesis, to the Proverbs in the Old Testament, and from Mattew, Luke, to John in the New Testament. During seven years, 134 themes were extensively used, while they were intensively emphasizing the key point of the christian doctrine-belief, love, grace, gratitude, the Bible, freedom, and so on. At the same time the classification by homiletical structure of his sermons was characterized by "the textual sermon".

The next analysis was based on the form of his preaching. Above all, the mode of the titles expressed its direction within a few finite words. Their introductory part often delivered by using episode. Besides, the concluding remarks ended with the biblical passage.

According to Thomas G. Long, the professor of preaching in Princeton Theological Seminary, on of the most important part in preaching is to deliver appropriate sermon which is harmonized with the genre of biblical text. In this respect, Rev. Sunhee Kwak's sermons were consistent with Long's literary and rhetoric mode in all fields such as the psalms, the proverbs, narrative, parables, epistles and the like.

The congregational analysis of the church showed the cause of Church Growth, the strong affinity between Sunhee Kwak's preaching and congregation. 15,061 church members enrolled in the church over a period between 1990 and 1996. Most of them were young people at their 20s and 30s dwelling in the apartment complex district around Kangnam-Gu, Seoul. They had stable jobs, the high level of income and of academic background. Rev. Sunhee Kwak prepared his intellectual excellency and spiritual profundity satisfying his congregation. 90.5 percent among 15,061 church members were upper middle class who were composed of catechumens and newly baptized.

In conclusion, his peculiar sermon is one of the noteworthy example which meets purity ofGod's words and appropriateness of situation at a same time.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Ki Young Kim

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Korean (한국어)