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Team Ministry as a New Paradigm for the 21st Century

Author (Korean) 저자 (한글)

용덕 지

Author (English) 저자 (영문)

Yong Douk Chi

Publication Date 발행일


Abstract 초록

Ministry is divine duty which Jesus has delegated to human. Thus, to manage and to fulfill this divine duty requires much efforts and effective strategies. Ministry normally becomes much more complicated as we deepen our involvement in our ministry. One of its reasons will be the rapid changes of our current culture and society.

The main characteristics of our society in twenty-first century is the diversity and specialization. Thus, in order to prepare our effective ministry for the twenty-first century, our churches must adopt and try to meet the needs of our society. In other word, our churches must provide the form of specialization in our ministry. Therefore, it is inevitable to start a new ministry paradigm such as the cooperative ministry as a team for the twenty-first century.

This dissertation is an attempt to develop a study of team ministry through reflecting the ministry of Jesus and Apostle Paul as the models. In this study, I analyze Paul as an associate pastor as well as a missionary and develop his team ministry strategies by concentrating on his interrelationship with his co-workers, the church leaders, and the lay leaders. I also develop some strategies for the team ministry through Paul's administration skills such as handling finances and human affairs. Therefore, I propose that through a team ministry, our churches are able to effectively meet the needs of this and next generations which demands specialization and spiritual maturity.

Theological Mentors: Seyoon Kim, Ph. D.

Degree Name 학위명

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

First Advisor (Korean) 지도 교수 (한글)


First Advisor (English) 지도 교수 (영문)

Seyoon Kim

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Korean (한국어)

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Text in Korean with an abstract in English. Material is subject to copyright.

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지용덕, "21세기를 위한 새로운 목회 구조로서의 팀 목회론 연구." 박사학위논문, 풀러신학대학원, 1998.