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A Study of Mission Mobilization of the Korean-American Churches in North America

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정한 김

Author (English) 저자 (영문)

Chung Han Kim

Publication Date 발행일


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This is a study on mission mobilization of Korean churches in North America. The purpose of this research is to determine five components that work as catalysts for world mission and especially of Korean-American churches in North America. The subjective contents were studied biblically, missiologically, and in view of the status of today’s world mission. An effective strategy for mobilizing world mission through sending out Korean-Americans as missionaries will be proposed from this research. The following important questions must be raised by this research. First, what is the biblical perspective of mission mobilization? Second, what is the missiological perspective of mission mobilizaton? Third, what is the historical perspective of mission mobilization? Fourth, what are the assets and problems of the KoreanAmerican churches in North America in relation to mission mobilization?

The content of this research is divided into three parts and seven chapters. The first part is literature review, the second is field research, and the third covers change dynamics. The first chapter is the introduction describing the background, purpose, goals, importantance, central research issue, research questions, delimitation, definitions of the terms used, methodology, and the outlines of this research. Chapter two discusses a biblical perspective on mission mobilization. Chapter three discusses a missiological perspective on mission mobilization. Chapter four discusses the historical perspective on mission mobilization. Chapter five analyzes mission mobilization of Korean-Ameican churches in North America. Chapter six discusses the strategy of mission mobilization of the Korean-American churches in the Unted States of America. Chapter seven is the conclustion of this research.

Mentor: Timothy K. Park, Ph.D.

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Timothy K. Park

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Korean (한국어)

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