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A Study on the Transformation of Mission Awareness of the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention for the Evangelization of the Thai People

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영철 오

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Young Chul Oh

Publication Date 발행일


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The Thailand Karen Baptist Convention (TKBC), regarded as the single largest Christian denomination in Thailand, has established a stable, contextually appropriate indigenous church. However, they have invested little effort into evangelizing their ethnic Thai neighbors. This dissertation aims to answer why the TKBC refrains from evangelizing the Thai and proposes a plan to mobilize the TKBC by transforming its mission awareness.

It is essential to understand the ethnic dynamics between majority and minority groups, the relationship between the Thai Karen and the Thai, and the theological concept of missions from a position of weakness. The minority Karen currently exhibit negative perceptions of their identity and experience discrimination from the Thai, which ignores their historical mutually beneficial relationship. Given their position and the changing twenty-first century global mission landscape, it is fitting for the Karen to adopt a theologically sound concept of missions from the position of the weak. The TKBC possesses much potential to evangelize the Thai, with their knowledge of the Thai society and language, as well as a sense of belongingness to the country. However, a negative minority group identity and traditional paradigm of mission awareness have prevented the Karen from engaging in missions to the Thai. Addressing these is key to mobilizing the TKBC. This dissertation proposes Paul Ricoeur’s triple mimesis as a suitable framework to transform the Karen’s negative ethnic identity and the TKBC’s lack of mission awareness.

Field studies were conducted to survey the TKBC’s current Thai mission situation. This involved interviews with 15 select TKBC leaders and surveys given to 360 TKBC members to identify the following: strengths and potential of the TKBC, reasons for refraining from engaging in evangelizing the Thai, and future steps. The dissertation culminated in a pilot project that utilized triple mimesis to change the mission awareness of ten seminary students. The seminary students initially held a negative minority group identity and lack of responsibility to evangelize to the Thai, but, through the pilot project, gained a positive perception of their dual ethnic identities and a new sense of mission awareness. This demonstrates the feasibility of triple mimesis as a framework to transform the TKBC to evangelize the Thai.

Mentor: Keon-Sang An, Ph.D.

Degree Name 학위명

Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Keon-Sang An

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Korean (한국어)

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