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A Study on the Career Transition of Korean Midlife Missionaries: With Special Reference to the Rodem Missionary Care Ministry

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남준 차

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Nam Jun Cha

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This research finds that when career transition occurs according to rapid changes in the mission field and in life span, midlife missionaries can accomplish the most in their lives and efficiently serve God’s kingdom at the same time. With this finding, the research hopes to aid the Rodem Missionary Care (RMC) ministry and develop a program that creates a strategic support system for midlife missionaries who are struggling with career transition. The research will include a literature review of other works regarding career transitions as well as field research on Korean midlife missionaries.

Korean midlife missionaries face various struggles related to career transitions due to the rapidly changing nature of mission fields and their life stages. In Korea, it is not easy for missionaries to undergo an appropriate career transition because the term itself is unfamiliar and missionaries are not prepared for career transition. Furthermore, there are no adequate organizations that support career transition for missionaries.

In order to address problems associated with career transitioning for Korean midlife missionaries, the first part of this paper explores the term through a literature review. The literature review includes books and articles that explore the concept of career transitions through the lenses of social science, theology, and missiology.

The second part studies through field research the current situation of career transitions for Korean midlife missionaries. It was found that to provide effective aid for these missionaries’ career transitions, there needs to be a change in perception of career transition in the missionaries themselves, Korean churches and mission organization. The study also identified many factors that create obstacles in transitioning careers. Additionally, field research revealed that missionaries themselves are not aware of the resources they possess.

The third part establishes a support program for Korean midlife missionaries’ career transition through a strategic application of the research discussed above. The program is titled Missionary Career Transition Assistant Program (Missionary CTAP) and consists of three stages: changing perception, overcoming obstacles, and discovering resources.

Missionary CTAP is an effective program that can not only be applied to the RMC ministry, but also encourage Korean churches and mission organizations to plan and carry out programs that aid career transitions for midlife Korean missionaries.

Mentor: Keon-Sang An, Ph.D.

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Keon-Sang An

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Korean (한국어)

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