Old Fashioned Revival Hour & The Joyful Sound radio programs

The "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" radio broadcast was created by Charles E. Fuller, one of the pioneers of radio evangelism and founder of Fuller Theological Seminary.

In 1929, Charles Fuller began his radio ministry from Calvary Church of Placentia. The program evolved into the "Radio Bible Class" and "Pilgrim's Hour." In 1937, "Pilgrim’s Hour" became the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour."

By 1941, OFRH was heard every Sunday across the North America as well as in Europe, Africa and Asia over the Mutual Broadcasting System. At its height, the program estimated an audience of over twenty million listeners, and required an annual budget of over $1.7 million. The broadcast was awarded the "Gold Microphone" by the American Broadcasting Company and the "Award of Merit" by the National Religious Broadcasters in 1960.


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