The Office of Teaching and Learning at Fuller Theological Seminary utilizes developing technologies and methods to reach students outside the Seminary’s physical campus in Pasadena, California.

The School of World Mission began Fuller Seminary's distant education initiatives with the In-Service Program, a method designed for missionaries to earn their degrees while in the field. In 1995, Fuller Seminary added courses in biblical studies and theology. The expansion became the Individualized Distance Learning (IDL) Program with the Office of Distance Learning. Since then, Fuller Seminary has equipped remote students with cutting edge technologies such as audio cassettes, CDs, and online platforms to earn degrees from all three Schools.


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Ray Anderson - ST512 Theological Anthropology and the Revelation of God

Ray Anderson - ST514 Reconciliation and the Healing of Persons

Ray Anderson - ST516 Theology of Christian Community and Ministry

Ray Anderson - ST572 Bonhoeffer: Life and Thought