The Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Chinese American Clergy Marital Quality

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Recent research has highlighted the importance of understanding the effects of work on individual and relational well-being. This has been especially pertinent within the clergy population, given their unique work roles in navigating a relatively fluid and ambiguous work context. In a sample of Chinese American clergy, I first explored the effects of strain-based work-family conflict on marital quality, as defined in this study by marital conflict. Second, I examined three coping strategies (self-compassion, daily spiritual experience, and mindfulness) as potential protective factors and how they might moderate the negative impact of work-family conflict. Finally, I examined how these relations may vary based on differing levels of interdependent self-construal. The current study indicated that higher endorsement of strain-based work-family conflict was positively associated with marital conflict, which suggests a negative effect on marital quality. There were no significant main effects observed for the three coping strategies on marital conflict, nor were there any significant moderating effects found for the three coping strategies between work-family conflict and marital conflict. Lastly, interactions between the three coping strategies and differing levels of interdependent construal were found to significantly impact the relations between work-family conflict and marital conflict.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (PhD)

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Fung, Joey

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Work-family conflict, Work-family, Work family, Works family, Conflict management, Clergy well-being, Clergy, Well-being, Wellbeing, Marital quality, Quality of marriage, Coping strategies, Coping behavior, Adjustment (Psychology), Daily spiritual experience, Mindfulness, Self-compassion, Interdependent self-construal, Chinese Americans, Clergy, Pastors, Ministers


Multicultural Psychology | Psychology


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