Academic Functioning in Individuals With Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum

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Research on the academic functioning of individuals with agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) is limited. This study addressed questions related to academic functioning in individuals with ACC using the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-II (WIAT-II; Wechsler, 2005). The WIAT-II is divided into four domains (reading, oral language, written language, and math), providing a comprehensive examination of academic ability within the target population. The scores of persons with ACC (N = 22) on eight of the WIAT-II subtests were compared to the established WIAT-II norms using a series of one-sample t tests. Significant differences from test norms were found on the math reasoning (Cohen’s d = 0.57) and the written expression (Cohen’s d = 0.53) subtests. Individuals with ACC performed significantly worse than expected on both subtests. Additionally, a trend was found on numerical operations (Cohen’s d = 0.39) subtest, with persons with ACC tending to score lower than expected. Further, when individuals with partial ACC were removed from the dataset, the effect sizes increased on math reasoning (Cohen’s d = 0.78), numerical operations (Cohen’s d = 0.65), and written expression (Cohen’s d = 0.80). This suggested that individuals with ACC struggled to reason mathematically, which may be related to deficits in strategy formation and complex novel problem-solving. The differences found on the written expression subtest implied difficulties planning and developing written responses as well as possible struggles with generating creative responses.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (PhD)

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Brown, Warren S.

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Corpus callosum, Neuropsychology, Agenesis of corpus callosum




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