Pneumatic Hermeneutics: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Theological Interpretation of Scripture

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Conversations on theological interpretation of Scripture suggest the significance of pneumatic hermeneutics in reading biblical texts. Despite the affirmation of divine guidance in reading Scripture and a few representative voices that recognize the role of the Holy Spirit, there is a substantial gap in the theological interpretation project regarding the role of the Spirit in biblical reading. This dissertation aims to fill this gap by exploring the Spirit’s interpretive work from the vantage point of theological interpretation. It argues that Pentecostal tradition has a remarkable contribution to the dialogue concerning the Spirit’s role. In order to put the Pentecostal hermeneutics in a wider theological framework and intensify the issue in a larger ecumenical context, the dissertation discusses Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant approaches on the Spirit and Scripture. The analysis of these major streams of Christian tradition provides a setting to examine Pentecostal hermeneutical practices and reflections on the Spirit’s role in biblical interpretation. Taking the Pentecostal hermeneutical insights that involve a three-way dialogue between the Spirit, Scripture, and community into account, the dissertation extends the trialectic interpretive approach by insisting that Christian community is an expression of the Spirit’s work through which the interpretive role of the Spirit is mediated. By offering a theological basis for understanding the Spirit’s interpretive role in light of pneumatic experiences of Christian community, the dissertation points a way forward to integrate the Spirit’s role in theological interpretation of Scripture.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD in Theology)

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Green, Joel B.

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Hermeneutics, Holy Spirit, Pentecostal churches, Doctrinal theology, History of doctrines


Missions and World Christianity


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