Renewing Korean Preaching in the Twenty-First Century: The Proclamation of Eschatological Christopraxis as a Resource for the On-Going Conversion of the Listener


Pyung C. Yun

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This dissertation focuses on eschatological Christopraxis as a remedial to Korean preaching. The author sees that the current status of Korean eschatological preaching is wrongly focused on trivial pursuits and not on grounded biblical perceptions of Christological and Kingdom principles, which orientates itself naturally to Christopraxis.

Chapter one discusses significant problems of preaching in the Korean language today through a historical overview of the church in Korea. The history of Korean preaching is explored including its tendencies, styles, and contents. It has also considered the cultural and religious influences on preaching such as shamanism and Confucianism, and the role they have played in shaping the culture of Korean preaching. Particular consideration has been given to misleading eschatological conceptions in the Korean church, such as an emphasis on an imminent parousia.

Chapter two explored the doctrine of eschatology through an extensive biblical survey, combined with a critical reflection of recent theologians. What characterizes eschatology at different times has been examined through the lens of social and cultural milieus.

Chapter three discusses Christopraxis as a clue to the New Homiletics in the 21st century. The chapter goes deeper into Christopraxis as suggested by Ray S. Anderson with a view to orienting preaching of the 21st century to an eschatological and teleological goal defined by the coming of Christ.

Chapter four discusses the New Homiletics and its usefulness. It examines how the New Homiletics came into being, and how it serves the Korean church in view of values and limitations for Korean preaching. It also draws upon current debates on the New Homiletics in academic circles.

The Conclusion summarizes this study and contains model sermons, along with evaluations. These model sermons demonstrate the theological and eschatological correctness as a remedial to contemporary Korean preaching. They offer an alternative model for preaching which integrates eschatology, thereby focusing on preaching which informs thinking and shapes the listeners' hearts for the fulfillment of the promise of God.

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PHD in Theology

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Schmit, Clayton J.

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Namgaju Nyubijŏn Kyohoe (Tustin, Calif.), Southern California New Vision Church (Tustin, Calif.), Preaching, Korea, Church history


Missions and World Christianity


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