Who Am I and How Do I Become Myself: A Group Curriculum for Identity Development

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Identity development, as proposed by Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development, is the critical task of adolescence. However, research suggests that this process of identity formation continues to occur beyond the adolescent years into the season of life defined as emerging adulthood. This transitional period of emerging adulthood is a distinct stage between adolescence and adulthood which involves the dynamic exploration and consolidation of key life experiences that contribute to one’s evolving sense of self. This is also a vulnerable stage in one’s developmental journey, which is often fraught with distress and confusion. Building on these findings and responding to the need for scaffolding of identity formation in the emerging adulthood years, I have developed a psychoeducational group curriculum to facilitate this crucial developmental process. In this curriculum, I utilize a creative and integrative approach that is based on Dan McAdams’ (1995) 3 levels of personality and framed within the metaphor of a tree. The purpose of the curriculum is to provide emerging adults with the opportunity to consolidate meaning from their past experiences, gain self-awareness in their present functioning, and learn new strategies for growth in their future. The curriculum is comprised of 8 one-hour modules that includes psychoeducation, video presentations, personal introspection, group discussion, mindful reflection, and concludes with a creative integration project.

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Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

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Tan, Siang-Yang

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Group identity, Identity, Identity in youth, Self-actualization in adolescence, Curriculum planning




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