A Curriculum to Address Incongruence, Isolation, Shame, and Ethic of Christian Emerging Adults’ Sexuality

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Christian emerging adults (CEAs) who struggle with a shame-based sexuality may do so because of incongruences between their theology and their sexual behavior. Isolation further complicates the plight of CEAs seeking a healthy sexuality, as these issues are often addressed alone. The print resources available to assist the CEAs are lacking, as they tend to be narrow in focus, lack practical tools for achieving the ideals presented, or are aimed at adolescents. In addition, practical findings in the field of psychology are not typically a component of these Christian resources. Thus, there is a need for a resource that is meant to serve CEAs’ particularities and includes appropriate psychological and theological tools and theories. In this paper, I have proposed a psychologically informed group curriculum to aid CEAs in developing a congruent and shame-free sexuality. Therefore, I recommend an adaptation of the integrative intervention “The Family,” as it is a psychologically informed intervention, which can be used to reduce shame, and it provides social support for participants. In addition, I suggest that the curriculum include a concept component and that it be conducted in a religious setting (e.g., religious university or church). This writer detailed an experiential, group-styled curriculum that incorporates the aforementioned elements.

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Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

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Strawn, Brad

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Young adults, Sexual behavior, Shame, Christian ethics, Curriculum planning




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